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2019 Reede Scholars Health Equity Symposium

Digital Health & Equity

Mary E Fleming, MD, MPH, President

Rhea Boyd, MD, MPH, Panelist

Jonathan Woodson, MD, Keynote Speaker

Sally A Frank, Panelist

Cynthia Hodge, DMD, MPH, MPA, Symposium Chair

Wilson Wang, MD, MPH, Panelist

President's Corner

Greetings Scholars and Friends. 2019 came at me fast! I am grateful to have had a few moments of reflection in Kona, Hawaii following the National Medical Association Annual Convention. We are lucky enough to have a Scholar local to the area and another Scholar from Hawaii who extended a gracious welcome. Thanks Papa Ric & Kim Chang! Dr. Reede reviewed the accomplishments of the year and received a warm round of applause for her tireless efforts to support the many alumni and friends of her programs.

The diligent work at the leadership retreat this spring paved the way for a productive Annual Business Meeting and successful 10th Annual Health Equity Symposium in May. We could not have asked for more engaging and dynamic speakers!

As we head into the second installment of Digital Health and Equity (the topic is much too great to cover in one symposium), we look forward continuing the health equity conversation throughout the year.

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned for Reede Scholars Live , a quarterly podcast designed to delve deeper into innovations and solutions as we strive toward equity.

I continue to look forward to your continued participation on our bi-monthly general body meetings and committee calls.

NMA 2019, Honolulu, HI

Right: Dr. Reede receiving applause

Above 1: Mallory Williams, Laquandra Nesbitt, Mary E Fleming, Ashaunta Anderson, Kimberly Wyche-Etheridge, Ricardo CustodioMary E Fleming, Kimberly Chang, Phillip Murray, Marshala Lee, Joan Reede


On May 09, 2019, Reede Scholars, Drs. Wilson Wang and Rhea Boyd, joined by Dr. Jonathan Woodson and Sally A. Frank, identified the health and health care disparities amenable to digital technology intervention, and elaborated on the health equity advocates role in leveraging digital health technologies to eliminate disparities. To see the video recording of the speakers, visit us HERE.


  1. President’s Corner
  2. Reede Scholars, Inc. 10th Annual Health Equity Symposium
  3. Don Warne presents in Faculty Lecture Series
  4. Dora Hughes at Academy Health
  5. Anthony Chen wins NAACHO award
  6. Nwando Olayiwola moves to The Ohio State
  7. Jay Bhatt becomes an Aspen Fellow
  8. Christina Rosenthal featured Keynote Speaker
  9. Opportunities
  10. Health Policy Brief

Donald Warne, MD, MPH, director of the SMHS Indians Into Medicine and Master of Public Health programs, and associate dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, will be the lead speaker in UND’s 2019-20  Faculty Lecture Series .

The presentation, titled “American Indian Health Equity: Trauma, Resilience, and Recovery,” is free and open to the public.

CLICK HERE for more information.

The National Association of County and City Health Officials Honors

Anthony L-T Chen, MD, MPH, as its 2019 Advocate of the Year

Washington, DC, August 6, 2019 — As part of fulfilling its mission as the voice of local health departments, the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), representing the nation’s nearly 3,000 local governmental health departments, named Dr. Anthony L-T Chen, Director of Health of Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, its Advocate of the Year. This award recognizes outstanding accomplishments related to advocacy and outreach to members of Congress to create better health policy outcomes. Dr. Chen received the award the organization’s 2019 Annual Convention in Orlando.

“Our members of Congress rely on us to understand local public health efforts, data, and emerging issues,” said Dr. Chen. “We are committed to collaborating with them to make sure federal programs and policies keep our residents and communities healthy and safe.”

“Lawmakers look to local leaders to inform their work—and public health policy and funding decisions are no exception,” said NACCHO’s chief executive officer Lori Tremmel Freeman, MBA. “A successful advocate develops meaningful relationships with members of Congress and their staffs and becomes a trusted messenger and resource on public health matters. We applaud the work of Dr. Chen and his team at Tacoma-Pierce

County Health Department who have done just that to be a strong advocate for the policies and resources local health departments need to keep our communities healthy and safe.”

Dr. Chen and his staff at Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department have worked tirelessly to develop the relationships and structures to effectively advocate for public health issues. Over the past 10 years, he has advanced personal relationships with district and congressional staff, regardless of party affiliation, who respond to his messages, reach out to seek input, and arrange meet with his health department when they are in the district. He similarly has developed relationships with NACCHO to leverage national public health efforts.

In addition, Dr. Chen has instituted a culture of advocacy in his health department by tracking federal policy issues, developing annual summaries of federal public health priorities, and a developing a suite of communications tools for effectively delivering and responding to messages.

He has also worked to forge personal relationships with Congressional staff and elected officials, participating with Senator Patty Murray for a roundtable on public health emergency preparedness and inviting staff to visit the health department and learn about their work firsthand.

Republished from www.naccho.org

Anthony is a committed member of the Reede Scholars Leadership Retreat task force, contributing much to the success of the 2019 meeting. He is an insightful, conscientious thought leader. Congratulations Anthony!

Dora Hughes will be featured at Academy Health’s annual Health Policy Orientation

July-- Dora Hughes, M.D., M.P.H. , Associate Research Professor - Milken Institute School of Public Health, The George Washington University, will present at Academy Health's, Health Policy Orientation to be hosted in Washington, DC on October 28th-30th.

The Health Policy Orientation includes presentations by well-known experts, interactive panels and group discussions, and hands-on tutorials.

The program is designed for individuals who want learn the fundamentals of health policy development and implementation, including but not limited to:

  • Health policy fellows and analysts
  • Public officials
  • Federal or state government employees
  • Private-sector health care employees
  • Consultants

See more HERE

Reede Scholars, Inc.

Reede Scholars, Inc. is a 501(c)3 foundation, comprised of graduates of the Mongan/Commonwealth Fund/Harvard University Fellowship in Minority Health Policy, the California Endowment Scholars in Health Policy, and the Joseph L. Henry Oral Health Fellowship programs at Harvard Medical School, under the leadership of Dr. Joan Reede, our organizational namesake. “The mission of The Reede Scholars is to engage and nurture a network of diverse leaders for collective action to achieve health equity. We shall effect change through research, education, policy, practice, and charitable endeavors.”

Reede Scholars Executive Leadership

President: Mary E Fleming, MD, MPH

Secretary: Nicole del Castillo, MD, MPH

Treasurer: Kavitha Prakash, MD, MPH

Treasurer Elect: Don Lee, MD, MPH


On September 24, join POLITICO for a deep-dive conversation on solutions around access, coverage and costs of oral health care in America.

Watch the event livestream here .


The Johnson & Johnson Scholars Award Program aims to fuel development of female STEM2D leaders and feed the STEM2D talent pipeline by awarding and sponsoring women at critical points in their careers, in each of the STEM2D disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing and Design.

Editor/writer: M. Fleming & C. Hodge

J. Nwando Olayiwola accepted a position at the The Ohio State University College of Medicine

July—Dr. Olayiwalo moves to The Ohio State University College of Medicine to become the new Chair of the Department of Family Medicine! 

See more HERE

Kudos to Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellow, Jay Bhatt

"The goal of the Health Innovators Fellowship is to strengthen the leadership of innovators across the United States health care ecosystem, and to connect, inspire, and challenge these leaders to create new approaches to improve the health and well-being of Americans. Health Innovator Fellows are proven, highly successful entrepreneurs and innovators in the U.S." 

See more HERE

Christina T. Rosenthal to Keynote Beyond Flexner Alliance

Dr. Christina T. Rosenthal will be a Keynote Speaker at this years Beyond Flexner Alliance (BFA). Speaking on the topic of Social Mission, Rosenthal is known for her passionate work to increase diversity of the oral health workforce.  

Beyond Flexner Alliance (BFA) is a national movement, focused on health equity and training health professionals as agents of more equitable health care. This movement takes us beyond centuries-old conventions in health professions education to train providers prepared to build a system that is not only better, but fairer.

Rosenthal is the owner/CEO of Paradigm Dental Center, LLC, in Memphis, TN and founder of The 516 Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization seeking to address the needs of the world community through the principle of servitude.


Upcoming Meetings:

APHA November 2-6, 2019

Reede Scholars Fall Board Meeting November 5, 2019

Leadership Retreat March 27-29, 2020

Health Equity Symposium &

Annual Business Meeting May 7, 2020


By Chloe Slocum, MD, MPH, RS ‘17 

Cost and Quality

Health care quality measurement experts released several recommendations for the Health Quality Roadmap mandated in an earlier  executive order , which the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has been  tasked  with creating based upon input from federal and private health care leaders. Measurement experts argue that  many measures currently in use  for alternative payment models (APMs) impose undue provider burden, lack outcomes measures that adequately assess delivery system performance, lack a systematic approach to retirement of low-value measures, and rely on point-in-time estimates as opposed to longitudinal performance assessments. By contrast, the authors contend that quality measures included in new payment models  should be  outcomes-oriented, patient-centered, sourced from different types of data, longitudinal, and site-agnostic.

Health Law

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and five other hospital groups filed an  amicus brief  urging the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to prevent the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS)  public charge rule  from taking effect on October 15, 2019. The brief states that the rule would force millions of immigrants “to choose between accepting public services and accepting a green card […] an impossible choice,” and that coverage losses “will lead to sicker immigrant populations and increased emergency-room visits, forcing hospitals to provide more uncompensated care and divert resources from expanding access to health care and other community services.” A prior  analysis  estimated that 13.2 million Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollees could disenroll as a result of the rule.


States have  mixed results  when coordinating patient care and addressing social determinants of health to manage health care costs for high-cost Medicaid beneficiaries, according to a new Government Accountability Office (GAO)  report . States and federal officials continue to search for ways to reduce Medicaid spending, which is expected to cost $1 trillion by 2026 and about half of which is attributable to just 5% of Medicaid recipients.


Hundreds of health care organizations sent a  letter  to Congress urging lawmakers to pass a bill to protect growing numbers of Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries from  prior authorization requirements . The groups called for bipartisan legislation “to help protect patients from unnecessary delays in care by streamlining and standardizing prior authorization,” although major payers have  continued to defend  the use of prior authorization as a means to control costs and ensure that beneficiaries receive clinically appropriate care. Meanwhile, a new analysis showed that while nearly 15 million Medicare enrollees with diabetes or chronic kidney disease are eligible for  personal nutrition counseling , only about 100,000 received counseling in 2017.

Public Health

In partnership with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), HHS has awarded $9 million to Texas, New Mexico, and Missouri to  develop programs  that will address health disparities by expanding access to obstetric and maternal health care through the Rural Maternity and Obstetrics Management Strategies (RMOMS) program. In related news, researchers studying suicide rates in the U.S. from 1999-2016 found that suicide rates were higher and increased more rapidly in rural than in large metropolitan counties and that a variety of  context-specific factors  were associated with county-level suicide rates in rural counties across the U.S. U.S. Senators urged the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to do more to  regulate devices used for vaping  after the agency  announced  plans to finalize a  policy  in the coming weeks that will ban flavored e-cigarettes.


Apple announced  three studies  in partnership with leading academic and research institutions that will be available to participants on its forthcoming Research app and are aimed at studying how women’s health issues, heart rate, mobility, everyday sound exposure, and hearing relate to various health outcomes. 

Join us for the 11th Annual Health Equity Symposium

May 7, 2020

Boston, MA

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The Reede Scholars Inc, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

164 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA, 02115


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